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to read a short
personal essay
of baseball,
1st love,
and egg salad.

to hear my 2 original Baseball songs.



Take a listen to my 2 original Baseball songs

• Back to Baseball - a boy grows up in Brooklyn in the 1950's - a fan of the Dodgers, who capture his heart, then break it. But, ironically, the lad grows up and becomes an SF Giants fan, which gives him the opportunity to hate the Dodger twice.

• Back to Baseball - Spring Edition - Musiclly similar to the original above, this version drops the personal story for a more universal theme - the springtime feelings of rebirth and renewal, the childhood memories of becoming fans, of learning to play, of winning the world series. All mixed in with the excitement and anticipation of the start of baseball again.


Personal Essay
Baseball is Like Comfort Food to Me.

Growing up in the ‘50’s, it seemed like there was always a ball game on. My dad would listen as he did the weekend projects around the house. Broolyn LogoWe lived in Brooklyn, so naturally we were Dodger fans. In those days the Dodgers would often struggle, but somehow make it to the World Series only to be beaten by the hated Yankees. To this day, I bristle at pinstripes.

Duke SniiderBut win or lose, as a young, impressionable lad, I loved the Dodgers. I kept a scrapbook bulging with box scores, photos and articles. Back then, we had heroes, and mine was the slugging center fielder Duke Snider (#4). And I would sooner risk losing my beloved black & chrome Schwinn Corvette bike than wager my prized Dodger baseball cards in the floating neighborhood, card flipping games.

Once in awhile, my Dad would take me to Ebbets field to see a game in person. Ebbets FieldMom would always make us egg salad sandwiches. Why egg salad? I have no idea. We never had it any other time. Maybe it was some ancient Biblical Law “When thou goest to the ballyard, thou shalt eat egg salad.”

Ebbets Field greenOne of the most vivid and memorable visuals of my life was burned into my neurons at my 1st night game. When that bright, hyper-green expanse of lit up ball field was revealed before my eyes, I was in awe. Even today, more than 50 yrs later, when I see that green, I still get a hit of Wow!

Dodger yearbookBut back in Brooklyn in 1955, the unthinkable happened. For the 1st time ever, the Dodgers finally beat the hated Yankees to win the World Series! Brooklyn went nuts! I thought my heart would burst with joy and pride. And for the next few years, as I grew, so did my affection for the home team.

Brooklyn rallyThen, just 2 years later, in 1957, the unthinkable happened again!  Only this time, it was horrible! The Bums were leaving! Moving to California! Again Brooklyn went nuts! Only this time, there was no joy in Mudville. For this 10 yr old boy, it was like losing my first love. No wait! It WAS losing my first love. For years I was unable to trust another team. Oh I had a short fling with The NY Mets their 1st year, but that was more for their comedic value.

Decades later, still wary of commitment, I began to yearn for the sound of the ball game in the background as I did the weekend projects around the house.  If no one was around, I’d guiltily watch a few innings on TV. Soon, I heard myself saying things like “oh, I’ll just watch one more half inning.” One time I even watched part of a game in public – although I don’t think anyone saw me.

sf giants logoBut slowly and cautiously I began to build trust. And before long I found myself following the San Francisco Giants and, gasp, actually caring about how they did! (Which, until 2010, was not always such a fun place to be).BEAT THE DODGERS!!

Now, in a fully committed relationship, I watch almost every game on TV (thanks Kruk and Kuip) and go to 8 or 10 games each year (no egg salad, but that lit up field still grabs me). And best of all, this mature love gives me a 2nd reason to enthusiastically rant and root against our biggest rival – the hated Dodgers!!!

Baseball is like comfort food to me.